The Dark Ages and the Renaissance

The Dark Ages and the Renaissance are the names of two different periods in the history of Europe. They are distinct from each other about many aspects, such as development of art and science, and influences of religion (the Roman Catholic church).

The Dark Ages, also called the Middle Ages, begin when the Roman Empire decayed and be divided into Western Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire. In order to maintain a semblance of unity, societies use religion to stabilize each other. In this time, literature that came out during the time was of poor quality and there are no advantages for studying in both the arts and the sciences. Because of that, societies always keep in backwardness.

The important mile stone between the Dark Ages and the Renaissance, literally “cultural rebirth”, is the decline of feudal structure and start fist in Italy. In the Renaissance, a political, economic and cultural revival began. There are some evident  for this development, for instant, political structure that were able to supply real help to communities were established to replace the Roman Catholic church, commerce increase rapidly, and many invention in construction, travel, new continents  and  gunpowder also be seen. This time was also marked  by developments in Gothic art and architecture. In astronomy, the Copernican system was accepted over the Ptolemaic system.

To wrap up, the Renaissance is the crucial period in history to revive the humanism that might be lost in the Dark Age.


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