Talk with Zen Master (^^)

Story 1

Sad guy: “I always loved my first lover from the bottom of my heart, always sastified her desires, always agreed with her perspectives. Finally, she said I was such a spiness man, and she broke up with me. With my second lover, I always try to be manly, and decisive, I can even die for her. At the end, she said I was so perfect,  she did not feel safe while she stayed with me .”

Suddenly, Zen Master stroked his head.

“Your idea is that I should let my brain work and act depend on specific situation”, sad guy said quickly.

Zen Master: “I mean how a monk like me can understand what is love between boy and girl!”


Story 2

“Master, recently, I have no feel with women, I have just feeled with men. Please, help me!”

Zen Master said nothing, and jumped on the roof.

Happily, man said:”Wow, your idea is that I should be visionary, no need to focus on details”

“No, I have just wanted to stay away from you a litte bit”


Story 3

Girl: “Master, the society has become more and more disorder, I always worry when I have to walk out. Please teach me how to protect myself!”

Lightly, Zen Master poured his cup of water over her head.

Girl: “Your idea is that I should keep a cold head in every circumstances.”

Zen Master, shook his head,  “No, I mean you just walk out with your unmade-up face.”


Story 4

Young man:”How can I stop my single life?”

Pointed at the top of the opposite mountain, Zen Master.

Smiling, young man screamed  out “You mean my half is living at that mount, aren’t you?”

“No, at that year, I used to want to stop my single life, so I climbed on this mountain to become a monk. That mountain is still available now, you can go their for leading a religious life.”


Story 5

Young guy:”Master, usually, I can not sleep, how to solve with it?”

Zen Master  poited the finger at  the birght white wall on the yard.

Young guy thought for a moment and said:”You mean I should keep my mind bright in order to have a good sleep, aren’t you?”

Zen Master said angrily:”I mean you should go home, It was too late! And I need to sleep”


Story 6

Girl: “Why has my husband had girl friend although I love and take care him with all of my heart?”

Zen Master:”First, you should eat this cake.”

After she ate all, Zen Master asked:”Was the cake tasty?”

“Yes, it was.”

“Do you want to eat more?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Now, could you understand the reason?”

Girl noded and said:”Yes, because people always have unlimited desire, it is impossible to satisfy theirs.”

Zen Master shook his head quickly and replied:”No, no, because you are fat now.”



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