Wishes for 4 seasons

Winter (冬)


I wish the time could be frozen at this moment so that
I were still me at this period,
All of my beloved still stood by me,
My wandering minds would stand still,
The sorrow tears must stop,
The memory river could not run until the end
And once more time, I could found myself on that river


Summer (夏)


I wish the happiness would be like the light of the fireflies which is sparkling in darkness; not bright enough but beautiful and impressing.
The misery would be like the showery rain in summer days which falls and falls continuously and doesn’t seem to stop

But, after that, the atmosphere is so fresh and comfortable.



Autumn (秋)


As peaceful and quiet as the surface of an autumn lake,
As blue and free as the autumn sky;
This wishes I would like to dedicate to the MIND, a mindfulness stage.
The fall leaves would fall as quietly as the IMPERMANENCE did!



Spring (春)


I wish the love, with its nature, would be as ardent as spring aroma,
as brilliant as the flowers which blossom in the spring,
as romantic as the petals which roll with the spring wind.
I wish the life would express completely and beautifully from the big love not only between people but also living organisms.






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